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CadiKedisi (previously Vonimp) and Ana Tanriça - preserving the Turkish Angora in New Zealand since 2008.

Ana Tanriça is a side project where we will work with Turkish imports or offspring from our Turkish imports exclusively. While some of our Ana Tanriça cats will be used in our CadiKedisi breeding to help improve the genetic diversity in our 'modern' Turkish Angora, in Ana Tanriça we will work on improving the type by selection from the Turkish imports only. We will not have many Ana Tanriça litters, so contact us early if you would like to be considered to adopt a more traditional looking Turkish Angora. If you prefer a more modern looking Turkish Angora, we suggest you contact CadiKedisi instead.

Our website will be updated regularly and list any available cats and kittens. Anyone interested to adopt from us must fill a lengthy questionnaire. Adopting a kitten or a cat is a very serious decision and our aim is to find an appropriate and permanent loving home for our cats and kittens. If you want one of our babies we expect that you will take proper care of them, so please do not be insulted if we ask some personal questions.

We invest a lot of our love and many sleepless nights to bring up our kitens and no expense is ever spared. The cats you adopt from us will forever be our babies and we love to receive updates about them. We have traveled across several oceans to be able to offer you very special little souls as loving companions and we want them to be treasured as they deserve. It is absolutely devastating for us to find them abandoned or lost or discarded because they are no longer needed in your life or you are not prepared to make modifications in your home to keep them safe.

Please make an informed decision about the breed of your choice and make sure that every member of your household agrees to bring one of our babies into your life BEFORE YOU EVEN CONTACT US.

If you are adopting an adult cat please be prepared to invest A LOT OF TIME, sometimes even several months, to help the cat settle - adults usually need more time to accept the new situation and new family than kittens!

And if you want a kitten from us please be prepared to wait for the right baby - we are not a kitten factory and we don't have kittens available all the time.

Please understand we have a very busy life and we can not answer every message and every e-mail straight away - we will reply to all of you as soon as we have a free moment.

We consider owning a CadiKedisi/Ana Tanriça baby a privilege and not a right!

If you would like to find out more about our kittens and cats, and to be considered to be added to our waiting list, please fill the form below: